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  Parinirvana (Parinirvana) (pr1-nr-v1ne, ner-) n.
[Sanskrit pari, total, nirvNam, a blowing out, extinction, nirvana : nis-, nir-, out, away + vti, it blows.]

1. Often Nirvana,
2. a. Buddhism. The ineffable ultimate in which one has attained complete detachment.b. Hinduism. Emancipation from ignorance and the extinction of all attachment.
3. A complete condition of rest, harmony, stability or joy.
4. The ability to consciously absorb an activity or activities of the mind. Her mind completely absorbed the experience, the result was the experience of parinirvana.
5. Total extinction.
6. Also, entry of the Buddha into final nirvana, the parinirvana or mahaparinirvana - the death of a Buddha.
7. The complete extinction of all physical and emotional suffering caused by the state of unhappiness and detachment from the states of statisfaction, happiness and nirvana.
8. Perfect nirvana. Perfect awakening.
9. The entrance into extinction that removes one from the cycle of samsara.
10. Perfect tranquility or the tranquillity of Parinirvana.

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