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  Tathagatagarbha (Ta˙tha˙ga˙ta˙garb˙ha) (?), n.
[Sanskrit, tathagatagarbha tathagata + womb or tathagata's womb. [w] ju-lai-tsang [p] ru2lai2 zang4 [k] yôraejang [j] nyoraizou.]

1. The matrix (surrounding substance from which the mind originates, develops, and is contained) of the thus come one(s).
2. The term refers to the capacity for becoming. A formless experience out of which the experiencer perceives the manifestation of form.
3. (Theory) the origin of the manifestation of all aspects of existence and their manifestations.
4. There are three meanings of the term 'matrix of the thus-come-one': a. The meaning that the absolute body of the tathagata (dharma-kaaya) is existent within all living creatures manifesting forms, shapes, colors, perceptions, etc.; b. the meaning that the tathagata as reality-nature (true thusness) is a whole manifesting distinctions of which there has been a cessation of discrimination by the mind (knowledgelessness); c. the meaning that the tathagata exists within every living creature in womb form.
5. tathagatagarbha is the conscious experience of the manifestation of form out of formlessness.
6. Consciousness of the origin combined with the manifestation of Buddha mind.
7. The essence in living beings manifesting their individual reality. That reality can be either the experience of delusion or clear insight.
8. The tathagata nature existent within the minds of people.
9. The tathagata as matrix. tathagatagarbha is the surrounding substance from which the mind originates, develops, and is contained.
10. The tathagata is called the 'mind of clear and pure reflection,' or 'reality + mental body in various state of mind.
11. The Buddha mind-nature hidden within every being.
12. The expression of tathagata's womb is referred to as the 'reality-womb from which all experiences emerge'.

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