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Dictionary Information: Definition Effective
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Description and Meaning: The Effectors of Happiness, Nirvana, Parinirvana

  Effective (Ef*fect"ive) (?), a.
[L. effectivus: cf. F. effectif.]

Having the power to produce an effect or effects; producing a decided or decisive effect; efficient; serviceable; operative; as, an effective force, remedy, speech; the effective men in a regiment. "They are not effective of anything, nor leave no work behind them." Bacon. "Whosoever is an effective, real cause of doing his heighbor wrong, is criminal." Jer. Taylor.

Synonyms -- Efficient; forcible; active; powerful; energetic; competent. See Effectual.
Effective (Ef*fect"ive), n.

1. That which produces a given effect; a cause. Jer. Taylor.
2. One who is capable of active service. "He assembled his army -- 20,000 effectives -- at Corinth." W. P. Johnston.
[F. effectif real, effective, real amount.]

(Com.) Specie or coin, as distinguished from paper currency; -- a term used in many parts of Europe. Simmonds.

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