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  Joyous (Joy"ous) (?), a.
[OE. joyous, joious, joios, F. joyeux.See Joy.]

Glad; gay; merry; joyful; also, affording or inspiring joy; with of before the word or words expressing the cause of joy. "Is this your joyous city?" Is. xxiii. 7. "They all as glad as birds of joyous prime." Spenser. "And joyous of our conquest early won." Dryden.

Synonyms -- Merry; lively; blithe; gleeful; gay; glad; mirthful; sportive; festive; joyful; happy; blissful; charming; delightful.

-- Joy"ous*ly, adv. -- Joy"ous*ness, n.

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