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Dictionary Information: Definition Lone
Thesaurus: Loneliness
Description and Meaning: Loneliness

  Lone (Lone) (?), n.

A lane. See Loanin. [Prov. Eng.]
Lone (Lone), a.
[Abbrev. fr. alone.]

1. Being without a companion; being by one's self; also, sad from lack of companionship; lonely; as, a lone traveler or watcher. "When I have on those pathless wilds a appeared, And the lone wanderer with my presence cheered." Shenstone.
2. Single; unmarried, or in widowhood. [Archaic] "Queen Elizabeth being a lone woman." Collection of Records (1642). "A hundred mark is a long one for a poor lone woman to bear." Shak.
3. Being apart from other things of the kind; being by itself; also, apart from human dwellings and resort; as, a lone house. " A lone isle." Pope. "By a lone well a lonelier column rears." Byron.
4. Unfrequented by human beings; solitary. "Thus vanish scepters, coronets, and balls, And leave you on lone woods, or empty walls." Pope.

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