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Dictionary Information: Definition Sorry
Thesaurus: Sorrow
Description and Meaning: Sorrow

  Sorry (Sor"ry) (?), a.
[Compar. Sorrier (?); superl. Sorriest.]
[OE. sory, sary, AS. sa¯rig, fr. sa¯r, n., sore. See Sore, n. & a. The original sense was, painful; hence. miserable, sad.]

1. Grieved for the loss of some good; pained for some evil; feeling regret; -- now generally used to express light grief or affliction, but formerly often used to express deeper feeling. "I am sorry for my sins." Piers Plowman. "Ye were made sorry after a godly manner." 2 Cor. vii. 9. "I am sorry for thee, friend; 't is the duke's pleasure." Shak. "She entered, were he lief or sorry." Spenser.
2. Melancholy; dismal; gloomy; mournful. Spenser. "All full of chirking was this sorry place." Chaucer.
3. Poor; mean; worthless; as, a sorry excuse. "With sorry grace." Chaucer. "Cheeks of sorry grain will serve." Milton. " Good fruit will sometimes grow on a sorry tree." Sir W. Scott.

Synonyms -- Hurt; afflicted; mortified; vexed; chagrined; melancholy; dismal; poor; mean; pitiful.

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